Episode 00 – Gizmonic Institutes Radio Pilot

Hello everyone! Welcome to the maiden voyage of Gizmonic Institutes Radio!

This first episode chronicles the adventures of our two heroes who find themselves in a… strangely familiar predicament. The listeners are introduced to our major characters, and the scene for the show is set. Next week, it’s time to watch MST3K!

About the podcast:

Gizmonic Institutes Radio is a sci-fi radio drama style show during which the hosts will be watching and discussing every episode of the best show in the history of television – Mystery Science Theater 3000. If anything in the proceeding sentence sounds appealing to you, you’re in the right place! If the description confuses you, give the pilot a listen – it should clear everything up.

If you like the show, then you can also “like” us on Facebook HERE, or follow us on Twitter HERE.

We’re very excited to be doing this show, and we hope you like it as much as we enjoy making it!

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  1. This looks awesome! Can’t wait to listen!

  2. “This is not a laughing matter! This is science!”

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