Episode 04 – Failspin

Aloha! (That’s hello and goodbye in Hawaii speak)

This is Episode 4 for us Terrible Friends, and it’s an Othercast if you please. In this episode we talk about the difference between a cookie and a cake, poop flavored jellybeans,the 90s cartoon Tailspin, Jeff does play-by-play of a snake throwing up a hippopotamus, and more!

Would you kindly give it a listen?

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One Comment

  1. I just finished listening to episode 4 and I feel inclined to tell you guy’s that Jeff’s disaster at the Cowboy basketball game was only part one of the saga based on the fact that you could AIDS from a toilet seat. Here is part two if you are interested:
    When I was a six or seven year old kid, Jeff not only generously passed on the information that you could get AIDS from a toilet seat, but also enlightened me, in his way, about what AIDS was. Throughout pretty much my whole elementary school career this info led me to be literally scared shitless to the point where I couldn’t even squat over a public toilet seat as Jeff was able to do when he peppered the seat at the basketball game. This was fine until my parents sent me off to a weeklong camp where I would be forced to sit and pinch loaves over a backwoods, perpetually dirty toilet seat. To make a long story short, I was somehow able to last four long days, and when I mean long remember I was eating crappy grade F cafeteria food the whole time, without taking a dump before going to sleep the very last night of camp. The next morning I woke up feeling like a million bucks until discovering out why. Sometime in my sleep I laid a three pound brick in my drawers.
    Anyway, I made it through the last half-day with the A-bomb of all shits in my pants and was able to get out without anyone at the camp finding out what happened. Since Jeff was a witness to this last part, I will leave it to him to conclude the story in his perspective, if he wishes. Moral of the story is: be wary about listening to Jeff.

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