Episode 100 – Bobbin Rocksword

Hello fellow terrible friends.  As you might have noticed from the title, this is our 100th episode, and that’s FUCKING AWESOME.  Do you know how many times it takes of Jeff doing bad Gollum impressions, Rich talking about pot, and Jake creeping the fuck out of everyone to get to 100?  Yeah.  Think about that shit.  And you know what else?  You STILL LISTEN.  How’s your fucked up life, bro?

It’s ok.  We know how awesome you are, even if you have listened to us talk about poop every week for a year.

In honor of our awesome listeners, we tried to do things a bit special for our 100th.  We are all together for this episode, and even have a live audience (sort of).  We look back at some of our (and our fans’) favorite topics or bits, and visited them again with a renewed vigor and perspective.  So basically that means the offensive stuff in this episode is extra special.  Like dumping menstrual blood from a diva cup onto a white unicorn special.  Or making up words for the Star Trek: The Next Generation theme song that include “I want to cum in your lungs.”  Oh and it’s twice as long as a normal episode, so there’s even more of that extra special to go in your ears!

Thanks again to all of our listeners and fans who keep this fun for us.


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