Episode 102 – Pan-Asian Explosion

In a break from the usual blog format, I’m just going to give you a bullet point list of reasons that you’re really going to like our new episode. I know you’re skeptical, but what would would life be without a little zest once in a while?

Don't bother doing a Google Image search for "skeptical". I've already found the best picture, and posted it here.



*People do unspeakable things at buffets.

*We list off several names of buffets – some of which are funny (like Chuck-A-Rama – whose website auto-loads a shitty, shitty country song).

*People are unspeakably fat at buffets.

*Our guest is Seth Macy from the F-List Podcast. He is very funny.

*We discover a long-lost secret about the internet which will provide you with HOURS even DAYS of entertainment. It’s great.

*Hilarious guest star Seth Macy raps some of the most confusing stuff you’ve ever heard.

*We talk in length about THIS WEBSITE. It’s one of the most FUCKING INSANE not-fake things on the internet.


This is an actual thing from the aforementioned website. It's not even the BEST thing, just A thing.


That’s about it – make sure to follow our antics on facebook and twitter. Also – leave us a review on iTunes wontcha?


I feel we would be doing a disservice to our fans not linking to the OTHER angelfire website we talked about as well. SO HERE IT IS.


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