Episode 103 – My Old Hat

Hey, do you know what’s better than stories about ear piercings, high school physicals, train rides, and music festivals?  How about stories of dick piercings?  Or physicals where you have an “accident” when the hot doctor touches your junk?  Or train rides with an annoying hippie douchebag who smells like he shit his pants and talks about Ford electric cars for three hours?  Or maybe the creepy old guy at the music festival who’s wearing a super short skirt and man-thong taking creepy pictures of people so he can masturbate to them when he gets home and cut his penis with razor blades.

If you like stuff like that then you sure are lucky, cause that’s what this week’s episode is all about.  If you don’t like stuff like that then listen anyway because I can guarantee you that you will laugh almost as much as you will cry.


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