Episode 108 – Monsterpedia

From Urban Dictionary:

Champagne Enema, n.
A champagne enema is when the recipient lays down on their back with their legs in the air and a bottle of champagne is inserted in the ass and shaken.  Remove the bottle and let her spray the champagne in the air.
Dude after we gave that girl a champagne enema we all gotta shower…

This week we revisit an old story of Jeff witnessing a girl getting a champagne enema, and then try to imagine the series of events that brought her to it.  We also delve into the world of mosh pits and stumble onto a wealth of podcast gold known as the Free Voyer Web, which is a wiki site about all things sexual and is written by a monster.


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  1. This had to be my fav episode yet. I’ve been listening for a few now and subscribed on itunes. Found ya on earwolf. I’m pumped to listen to the newest today at work. At first I thought the music was annoying but soon realized it provides a nice little cap on thoughts and a moment set aside to have a good laugh.

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