Episode 11 – Movie Night: Let the Right One In

I’m not going to make any abstract jokes to introduce the movie this time.  I’ve thought about it, and considering this movie contains brutal violence and undertones of pedophilia, I just don’t think I can do it without  crying a little on the inside.  I’m sorry, you just aren’t important enough to risk serious emotional harm to myself.

The movie this week was the Swedish romantic horror film Let the Right One In, which is about a bullied 12 year old who meets and has a romantic(ish??) relationship with 12 year old girl.  But then you find out that the 12 year old girl is in fact a 200 year old vampire, and then you find out that she’s not really a girl either.  It does have some fairly violent scenes too.  There’s a part where a woman get’s attacked by like 15 cats.  She runs out of a room screaming with 15 hissing and yowling cats clinging all over her body.  Awesome.

Let the Right One In does a truly remarkable thing in being very weird, creepy, and disturbing, and at the same time being very romantic and endearing.  It’s one of the few times so far when all three of us give a movie our overwhelming approval.

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