Episode 110 – Aboard the S.S. Kitten

Happy Thanksgiving!  This week’s episode is amazing because we have extra special guest Lou from Lou Reads the Internet! If you haven’t heard Lou Reads the Internet, go listen to an episode right now.  We’ll wait.

Hey you’re back!  That’s fucking fantastic isn’t it?

On the episode this week we break Lou in Terrible Friends style.  We talk about the lovely lady fans of Insane Clown Posse, all the awful Facebook messages we sent to girls back in 2006 when we were single and trying to get laid, and Jeff reads some of his angsty journal writing from 2004.  Lou also tells us about a trip to Greece when he was younger where he won a dance competition and offended a lot of German people.  Then Jake and Lou read a forum thread from Fetlife.com involving weird furry kitten roleplaying.


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