Episode 111 – Bacon Flavored MMMvelopes

This week’s episode is brought to you by bacon. Bacon salt, Kevin Bacon, Baconaise and most importantly, Caleb Bacon from the Gentlemen’s Club Podcast. Also: Baconlube. We wouldn’t want to forget that.

Yes... but why is it CLEAR?


We discuss important topics like the difference between Mr. Freeze and Frieza, DRAGONS, Hollywood, and so much other great stuff that if I tried listing it here, the blog would be INFINITE. You should just listen to the episode instead. Trust me on this one. And as soon as you’re done enjoying our newest offering, you should head over to Caleb’s show The Gentlemen’s Club, and check it out. It’s grrrrreat !

Thanks for listening, and if you haven’t already head over to the ‘book and fan our page, and follow us on Twitter!


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