Episode 119 – Werewolf Hospital












This week’s episode involves werewolf, pirate, and tinfoil themed hospitals, monster babies, and more of Jake being creepy (except this time, his phone acts creepy on its own).

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  1. Hey
    I’m joshing you? I hate that joke when people us it to break the ice with me.
    This comic sounds hard to draw and just start write with two characters. I understand a fare side humor from all of this. You guys are talking about.

  2. I love Firmagination! I will definitely subscribe to the RSS of that comic no matter how shittaly drawn. Also, TNG pets sounds awesome! But didn’t Picard have a fish tank in his ready room or quarters? You could add them. If anything, I will buy the t-shirt of both of these intellectual properties. Go in peace.
    Rev. Will Strack

    P.s. If I haven’t said it before, thank you for making the black TF t-shirt!

  3. I would hate having to run a Werewolf hospital

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