Episode 121 – Wimp Bizkit

If you’re keeping track, this is the 2nd episode title in which we reference Limp Bizkit. It’s not necessarily something we feel proud about, but when you actually LISTEN to the episode, you’ll understand why we had to do it. And maybe forgive us a little bit.

Jake went on a ski vacation with all the other rich kids from the country club last weekend, so this episode is kind of short – a “Part 1” of a cool 2 part episode we recorded a few weeks ago between shooting some videos. Aside from Limp Bizkit, we also talk about some weird energy drinks we bought at a gas station, the previous night out, and what Janis Joplin smelled like according to Rich’s dad. Spoiler alert: Spoiled (it’s what she smelled like).

Spoiled (it's what she smelled like) is our favorite O-Town song of all time.

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