Episode 125 – Distraction!

Hello everyone! The joke that would usually go here has been removed to make room because this week’s podcast is HUGE! Don’t worry – it’s also great! I know that most of the time (especially recently) huge doesn’t equal great, but in this case, it does!

I seriously spent about 10 minutes searching through images of "huge women" in order to include one as a punchline for the previous statement. I honestly could not find a SINGLE ONE that didn't make me gag. Please enjoy this picture of a Beagle instead. Thank you.

This week we’re joined by Aric McKeown from The Mustache Rangers Podcast (which¬† you NEED to listen to if you haven’t already – BECAUSE IT’S AMAZING)! We talk about life in Minnesota, old-timey sex toy salesmen, pants our moms made for us, and what to bury in dirt – among many, many other things. It’s fantastic!

After the show, you can head over and talk with us about weird stuff on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter. And if you feel ESPECIALLY kind, stop by our iTunes page and give us a friendly review!

Thanks for listening!

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