Episode 127 – Bad Feelings












Our awesome new Chicago comedienne friend Ever Mainard is back for this episode, and she tells all about what it’s like to be a young female comedian in today’s world.  This includes working at a Starbucks with the resident crazy person “Street Jimmy”, and pissing off a bunch of people in Michigan by congratulating them on not having to deal with snow (apparently they depend on the snow for their jobs).  She also recounts the story of her peeing her pants in middle school, and she and Jeff girl out hardcore talking about feelings and “having a fat day”.

You can find Ever on the web at EverMainard.com, or on Twitter @evermainard.  She’s a super smart and funny lady, and you should definitely check her out.

Here’s a bit of her standup that has recently garnered her some international acclaim.  Enjoy!

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