Episode 13 – Magnet Crow Ghosts

Miracles and shit yo.  Fucking magnets, how do they work?  Haha… damn I wish I’d have thought up those song lyrics.

We’ve got a Mediacast for you this week, and that means 6 (minus ridiculous tangents) topics of juicy comedy deliciousness.  Like a big sticky Terrible Friends cinnamon roll.  Mmm… tasty.

In the recipe this week (recipe, cause it’s a cinnamon bun; damn I’m clever) we’ve got Rifftrax, Weeds, Darksiders, Dresden Files, a really awful ICP song, and Netflix Watch it Now for the Wii.

So give it a listen.  It’s pure motherfucking magic.

SNL Also made fun of this song. We have awesome comedic accuracy.

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