Episode 13 – The Black Scorpion

Woah! This latest episode was genuinely terrifying for us! I don’t want to spoil anything, but man, things got pretty crazy. We also talk about the final episode in the first season of MST3K , Episode 13 – The Black Scorpion where we discuss terrible geology, and learn WAAAAAY more about stop-motion animators than we ever wanted OR needed to know.

In a slight break from our usual format, our next episode is going to be a postmortem where we discuss our journey through the first Season of MST3K. We’re going to cover the highs, lows, and do our best to finally get to the bottom of any nagging questions we still have regarding the movies, show production, or anything else related to season 1. If YOU (yes, you) have any thoughts or questions you would like us to discuss or try to answer, send an email to:


You can also just stop by our Facebook page or our Twitter (if you’re feeling concise) and write us there!

Thanks for listening, and we’re looking forward to all of your MST3K Season 1 related questions and comments!

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