Episode 135 – The Adventures of Artemis the Cat and Professor Monocle

If nothing else could be said about us here at the Terrible Friends Podcast, it’s that we have your health and safety in mind at all times. This means that when we realized our recording session with the man known to the internet as King Lou contained WAAAAYYYY more than your daily recommended dose of awesome, we decided it was our duty to split it into two separate episodes. So here’s part two, safely ready for you to shove deep inside your ear holes. Enjoy.

When you’re done listening, you should check out our guest’s amazing podcast, Lou Reads the Internet for You! It’s one of our personal favorites, and like our own brand of humor, contains hours of hilarious and sometimes disgusting information. You should also stop by and like our Facebook page, and follow us on Twitter. Please head over to our iTunes page too and leave us a review. We love that shit.

Thanks for listening!

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