Episode 15 – Sidehackers

Greetings! It seems like every time we go to record an audio log from out here in the depths of space, something ridiculous happens.  This week’s episode is no different… Give it a listen and you’ll understand the kind of shenanigans we have to put up with.

This week we discuss MST3K S2E2 – Sidehackers, which for all intents and purposes, is the most depressing and awful movie the MST3K crew has riffed on to date. Luckily, some good riffing manages to save a a movie which is otherwise completely devoid of any redeemable value. Even though we didn’t like it, Sidehackers seems to be a pretty divisive episode among the MST3K community – we even had a few fans list Sidehackers as a favorite episode, and recently the Onion A/V club put it on a list of “essential” MST3K episodes.

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