Episode 17 – Catalina Caper

All I have to say is, be careful what you wish for. Especially if you add a bit of insurance to your wishes by using some advanced science and physics. You’ll find out what I mean soon enough in this week’s audio log.

While we experience an uncharacteristic departure from our usually INSANEĀ  goings-on, this week’s MST3K episode, Catalina Caper, does more than enough to make up for it by injecting our lives with the FDA daily recommended dose of good-natured teenage hijinks. We haven’t had this many hijinks since Untamed Youth, and good news – this time there aren’t any horriffic miscarriage/teenage deaths to bring the movie down! There IS an underwater knife-fight, but that just INCREASES the level of hijinkery.


If you couldn’t tell, we really like MST3K S2E4 – Catalina Caper.


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Thanks for listening!

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