Episode 17: Chuck Norris Hates the Handicapped

So shittyThere was a weird time in America, not too long ago, where the coolest and funniest thing you could talk about was “Chuck Norris Facts,” which were a bunch of made-up “facts” about Chuck Norris. It was quite a meme for a while, but now it’s tired and stupid and anyone who still quotes these alleged facts deserves to be mocked and derided. The truth is, Chuck Norris is a horrible man who deals drugs to school children, leads the Klan, denies the Holocaust and finances several totalitarian regimes in the Middle East.

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One Comment

  1. I enjoy the show gentlemen and tune in weekly. Just a couple critiques. Edits, yes it sucks it’s additional work but your show will sound much cleaner and a lot of dead air would be eliminated, which is painful to the listener and totally takes you out of the groove. Love the horrible movie premise of your show but instead if picking the crap $5 budget films every week, mix in some mainstream fails Your shows talking about Cool as Ice and Spice World were great. Perhaps let your listeners pick the next film you guys watch out of 3 choices. It would generate more hits for your website and give listeners additional incentives to tune back in. Please Adam speak up. Sometimes it is really difficult to understand you. Please don’t take offense to the critique, hoping the show continues to grow. BTW Seth has anyone ever told you that you sound exactly like Chris Hardwick?

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