Episode 18 – Rocket Attack USA!

You know what people don’t emphasize enough these days? Friendship. It’s important, especially in space. I can’t stress that enough. This week’s episode also features our ship’s elevator.

We discuss Rocket Attack USA, the episode which we accidentally call Rocketship XM no less than TWO times during the audio log. Is it our fault that both movies have similar titles? I don’t think so. Is it our fault that both movies are big stinkers, as well as being total bummers? I certainly hope not. This episode of MST3K was great though. We’re to the part of Season 2 where the show is really starting to find its voice, which means we have great things to look forward to! Also – Rocket Attack USA! is the first episode that features an end of show stinger. Good stuff!

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Thanks for listening!

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