Episode 19 – Are You Looking For This?

Oooohhhhh Yeaaahhhh!  That’s right.  Just like the giant Koolaid Pitcher.

Ok yes I know Family Guy has done that joke like 8 times.  Don’t fucking judge me.

After a few weeks of hiatus, The Terrible Friends are back with one of our best episodes yet!  We talk about Jeff throwing up on his brother in the bathtub, kids throwing up on birthday cakes (Jeff probably did this too), our support and appreciation of mens’ time in the bathroom, and our ever prevalent poop humor.

We’ve also decided to combine our MovieNite podcast into our normal podcast, so definitely check out what we have to say about the awesome Spanish language fantasy/horror flick Pan’s Labyrinth!

Check it out!  Have a taste!  Sink your teeth in!

Just be aware that you’ll probably have a red stained tongue.

Yeah, I did another Koolaid joke.  I’m cool like that.

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