Episode 20 – The Gerbils Stole My Mittens

Have you ever made a teacher cry? Well we sure have, and in our latest episode we share the horrors that we all made our music teachers go through when we were in grade school. We also talk about some of our experiences at Walmart, including Jeff almost buying tanning lotion and then screaming at a checkout lady, white trash people buying jumbo-sized nativity scene figures, and where to buy a Menorah.

This week’s MovieNite was Rich’s pick, and he selected the David Byrne (of the Talking Heads) mockumentary-type-thing True Stories, which stars David Byrne and John Goodman. The movie is about a fictitious Texas town where a bunch of bewildering stuff happens. I’d give you more of an introduction to the film, but I think if I try I’m going to have an¬†aneurism, blood will squirt out of my nose and I’ll die.


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