Episode 21 – I Genghis Kahn’t Believe How Bad These Puns Are

Whooooaaaaaa Nelly. Seriously. Slow your ass down. You’re scaring the kids, for Pete’s sake.

It’s a semi-special episode this week as 2/3 of the Terrible Friends record the podcast in the same room. Rich was still in Colorado though, that sonofabitch. We bless your ears with stories about ear candling, the gross kids from your childhood, making fun of kids with speech impediments, and our arch-nemeses.

Aaaaaannnd the flick for this week’s MovieNite is the Sci-Fi hit District 9, which is a great movie if you like seeing Nigerians eating aliens, or if you like seeing guys heads getting blown off and being liquified by a lighting bolt gun.  So we all loved the movie.

Check it out!

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