Episode 22 – Makin’ Number 300

I fucking hate peanut brittle. I just needed to have written that sentence on the Internet so it lives on forever. That’s how strongly I feel about it.

This week we talk about old people and Werther’s Originals, Jeff’s desire to poop while running at full speed, Jake’s pathetic attempt and making puns, Rich’s dissertation on Ghost Rape, and we make fun of Jeff’s speech impediment (he says “both” with an “L”).

For the MovieNite this week Jeff chose the haunting drama, action, black comedy, romantic, shit movie The Room, which Tommy Wiseau produced, directed, starred in, and pooped all over. It’s about a weird Scandinavian American guy and his troubles with his fianc√©, his best friend, his (sort of) adopted son, his mother-in-law with breast cancer (nobody cares in the movie), the cruel world, and the (SPOILER ALERT) bullet that goes through his brain at the end. ¬†Don’t worry, I didn’t ruin it for you. If you’re the kind of person who can make it through this movie (like Jake and Jeff, NOT Rich) it doesn’t ruin anything.


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