Episode 22 – The Hellcats!

Merry Kronmas! (and Happy Kronmas to our friends in the UK!) Do yourself a favor, go familiarize yourself with Mallory Keaton. I promise, it will help.

Not that she has anything to do with this week’s MST3K Episode S2E9 – The Hellcats. Joel and the bots riff on another biker movie in a string of biker movies (if you’re keeping track, 30% of this season’s MST3K movies so far have been bad biker movies). If you remember our episode about Sidehackers, you’ll be upset to know that The Hellcats shares more than just a flimsy premise and aesthetic. Yay. There are also A LOT of blue riffs this episode, so at least that’s something.

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Thanks for listening!


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