Episode 24 – ZAMBIES!

Last week the entirety of the Terrible Friends staff donned our super-scientist goggles and traveled down to the Gulf of Mexico to diffuse a giant methane deposit that was destined to bubble to the surface of the ocean and wipe out all life on earth. We can’t really tell you HOW we did it (HINT: it involved a lot of passive-aggressive sighing and a pretty lengthy guilt trip) but you can rest easy knowing that tomorrow will be bright, shiny, happy, new day. That is – unless you still live near the Gulf of Mexico, where your life becomes more poisoned and desperate with each passing hour. Thanks BP!

Unfortunately, due to our heroic actions, we didn’t have a chance to upload/release last week’s episode. Sorry! We figured you would choose “not having your life instantly snuffed out by a gigantic fireball that smelled like a fart” to a “new episode of the Terrible Friends Podcast” (although admittedly, it IS a tough choice).

So here’s a new episode! We talk about lots of stuff including, Jake being “all like Woah…” because “that was a pretty insane movie trailer,” some fun stories from HS, ways to make your co-workers leave you alone at work, some neat film noir improv, wearing eyeliner, Zambie Santa, Zambie Clowns, the move Zambieland… wait, I’m pronouncing that wrong? Oh – you should tell Jake. Because he want’s you to know what Zombieland is ‘spout…

“It’s ‘spout America being eaten by Zambies.” – Jakey-bobs


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