Episode 25 – Masters of Suspense

Hey, guess what? It’s a new podcast! You know what that means…

Time to get our your honey mustard sauce and electrical tape!

This week we talk about Jeff skinning moles,

It takes a lot of moles, and a little patience.

a drilling company who’s slogan is “Your Hole is our Goal”,

The Next BP

and how much Rich’s Pontiac Vibe looks like a minivan.

It's Rich's Swagger Wagon

Jake tells the group about a guy who he doesn’t know who’s friends call him The Master of Suspense because his name’s Stephen King, even though the guy who’s known as the Master of Suspense is Alfred Hitchcock, not Stephen King (this is a great example of some of the dumb shit that Jake comes up with).

Al is NOT Amused.

Also, apparently when Jake was in High School he also went out to a creepy abandoned bridge to trick girls into making out with him too.

Jake is such a romantic.

For our MovieNite, it was Jeff’s pick + zombie movie, so of course we had to take breaks periodically while watching the movie to throw up. Redneck Zombies is about rednecks who drink zombie juice moonshine and then really gross and weird shit ensues.

Just awful.

Weird and awful shit like a redneck zombie baby chewing on skin.

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