Episode 26 – Mommy! He Looks Like a Pony!

Haha. Now whenever I think of Rich this is what I’m going to think of. I’m probably going to catch some hell from this. For a guy who looks like Jesus, he does tend to get a little touchy about his appearance.

One of these days he'll have the balls to match the coloring too.

The Terrible Friends are at it again! In this episode we discuss Jeff and Rich’s LOVE for donuts, how Jake texts like a preteen, Jeff’s compulsion of poking hot dog buns, how Jeff was mentally abused as a child by his science teacher’s goat fetus, and Jake’s rainbow pants.

Rainbow Pants

Jake's ass looks way better in HIS rainbow pants.

The flick for this week’s MovieNite is the zombie movie classic (bullshit) Zombie Strippers. ┬áIt stars Robert Englund, from Nightmare on Elm St. fame, and Jenna Jameson, from lots of penises in her vagina fame. The plot goes something like this: Army dude get bitten by zombie, and then goes to a strip club (?), where he watches Jenna Jameson shake her jiggly bits until he zombies out and bites her. Then Jenna Jameson turns into a zombie, which makes her become a super stripper who shoots billiard balls out of her vagina at lethal speed.

Don't EVER give Jenna Jameson a billiard ball.

She inevitably turns everyone else into a zombie, and Robert Englund, playing the germaphobe douchebag proprietor of the club, gets suffocated by gooey zombie snatch. Enjoy!

I like him better in a red and green sweater.

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