Episode 27 – A Ban on Common Sense

My Dearest Friends,

I write you this introduction to our latest podcast, being Episode 27 – A Ban on Common Sense, with nothing but the most heartfelt outpouring of goodwill. For in this podcast, we three humble hosts delve deeply into our topics of discussion, being jocular and humorous, examine such issues as men who have a intense physical love for piñatas, and men who drive enormous pickup trucks to make up for their lack of manhood.  We, being the three authors of this novel of aural deliciousness, also pontificate on how Jeff seduces women, on Jake’s primal and unrelenting fear of Juggalos, or those who enjoy the music of the group the Insane Clown Posse, and last but not least, how Jeff used to write letters in high Victorian fashion to a prior girlfriend who, surprisingly enough, turned out to be bat-shit crazy.

Bat. Shit. Crazy.

The movie this week was the 1979 horror “classic” Phantasm, which is about a tall undertaker called “The Tall Man” (oh yeah the writing was that good), a whiny kid who likes to watch people have sex in graveyards, and one silver ball that kills a poor janitor.

Apparently I'm dead then.

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