Episode 33 – Movie Night: Weird Science

Once again, this week’s movie night pick was chosen from the large selection of 80’s movies that Jeff hasn’t seen. It was Jake’s pick , and he chose the movie Weird Science which, has the title implies, was kind of weird.

See, I told you it wasn't normal.

Unfortunately the whole movie doesn’t turn out to be the romp through hormone fueled nostalgia that teenage Jake quite remembered… instead it’s sort of a twisted re-telling of the Dr. Suess classic “The Cat In The Hat”… if the Cat In The Hat enjoyed activities like “showering with underage boys”, “making out with underage boys”, “getting underage boys drunk”… etc. It turns out this movie would have been more appropriately named “Fucking Creepy-Ass Science” .

As a side note – FUN FACT: The movie also features an incredibly young Robert Downey Jr!

So… anyway. Episode 33 – Movie Night: Weird Science… LISTEN NOW!


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