Episode 36 – Movie Night: Purple People Eater

It’s movie night again and we’re still in the midst of trying to educate me on all of the awesome movies I missed (or avoided) from the 1980’s. Execpt this week it was my pick, so I decided to pull from the deep well of the three movies I saw growing up, and picked the late ’80’s classic, “Purple People Eater”. You may remember this movie from when it played nonstop on the Disney Channel around 1989.

Purple People Eater is a classic example of “Nostalgia gone horribly horribly wrong”. The whimsical tale of a young boy and a space monster friend I remember from my youth is actually just a cinematic abortion, containing GREAT FEATURES like:

*Kids who don’t know how to play instruments trying to play instrument!

*A giant purple monster ejaculating music notes out of a phallic horn on its head!

*People covering large areas of their skin with what surely had to be lead based paint!

*Kids lecturing other kids about being more kind to the elderly!

This film also contained some truely terrible cameo’s by a few of early rock & roll’s fallen stars. Jake also claims that based on some “lingering hugs” (whatever that means) that this movie has a very strong child molestation undertones. I just think he didn’t like the movie…

It’s also important to note that this movie also stars a very young (but still awesome) Neil Patrick Harris, as well as a young (but still creepy) Dustin Diamond.  So I guess it’s got that going for it.

I know you can't actually play the instruments but could you at least PRETEND to be having fun?

That’s about it – here’s our newest episode! Until next time, for your own safety and sanity, please remember something that apperently none of us did – “If a movie is based off of something that was originally a novelty song, that movie does not need to be watched.”

Come on over here, and let me give you a "Lingering Hug!"

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