Episode 39 – Movie Night: War Games

Ahhhh 1983… When Soviet Communism was still terrifying, computers were still confusing to everyone except nerds and teenagers, and thermonuclear war was a constant thought in the back of everyone’s mind. 1983 (aside from being the birth year of me, your hero) is also the backdrop to War Games starring Matthew Broderick, Ally Sheedy, and a computer named after a hamburger. This movie also featured guest appearances from “the frailty of the human psyche”, “oh shit computers are fucking scary”, and “pterodactyls who hate kids”.


The Verdict? War Games was pretty good. While the hacking wasn’t quite as colorful or “Descent like” as it was in Weird Science, it was also more believable. The movie had an interesting story which moved along at a good pace, and involved a simplistic, but still captivating sense of discovery throughout (a feeling termed by our own Rich Kimball as “Bubblegum Espionage”). It’s on Netflix Watch It Now, and in my opinion is definitely worth a look. But first things first – check out our newest podcast offering; Episode 39 – Movie Night. Do it now before the super sentient government hamburger computers blow us up!

How about a game of THERMONUCLEAR WARFARE?

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