Episode 42 – FakeJake.com

One of Jeff’s favorite things to do is to find ways make me as uncomfortable as possible.  He did a fantastic job of that this week when he brought up bloodplay, accidentally getting another dude’s scabs in his mouth in a swimming pool, and clown sex.  As you listen to the podcast, I think you can actually visualize me squirming in my seat more and more as the podcast goes along.

I did, however, gain a bit of respect for Jeff as he tells the story of how he broke his arm when he was a kid, and then immediately tried to reset the bone himself by trying to yank it back into place.  I’m pretty sure that if Rich or I were in the same situation we’d just have started sobbing uncontrollably.

Some clown fetish people have probably masturbated to this picture.

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  1. You should have less than jake auto-queue when fakejake.com loads.

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