Episode 42 – Gamera VS Zigra


Why hello there! You’re looking rather nice today. I feel like we’ve been asleep for a while, but it’s hard to tell up here in space… Though now like the most misbehaved toddlers, we’re awake again and full of more energy than we know what to do with! Except we DO know what to do with that energy, and that’s talk about MST3K S3E16 – Gamera VS Zigra!


This is a special Gamera episode for a lot of reasons. Firstly, the movie itself is the product of an insane person tasked with creating another Gamera movie when all the good ideas for Gamera movies had been used up two Gamera movies ago. The MST3K episode is as much a love letter to Gamera as it is to the loyal viewers who have survived the season 3 gauntlet of magical flying turtle films along with the cast. It’s a wonderful, special episode, but definitely not for MST3K initiates.


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Thanks for listening, and see you next month when we discuss S3E17 – Viking Women And The Sea Serpent!

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