Episode 43 – Movie Night: Blue Velvet

Blue Velvet is a messed up movie. That doesn’t mean it isn’t a great movie, because it totally IS a great movie. It’s also considered to be one of the late Dennis Hopper’s strongest performances ever. It’s well written, well directed, well shot, the story has good pacing… it’s just a messed up movie.

This scene is actually about 1000X more messed up than the picture makes it look.

The story takes place in a neo-industrial rural-to-mid-sized town where a bored teen finds a severed ear in a fieldĀ  – a discovery that will lead him into the very depths of his town’s seedy underbelly. He meets characters like “insane immigrant nightclub singer” and “nitrous huffing rapist”… and THEN the movie starts to get weird.

Let's sing a song!

As I mentioned before – Dennis Hopper steals the show with his portrayal of Frank Booth, the world’s biggest fan of Pabst Blue Ribbon (sorry hipsters, Frank Booth has been on the Pabst wagon since before you could use a toilet) who happens to be a very violent rapist. Frank Booth also has a wide vocabulary of insults and instructions at hand – most of which involve the word “fuck”. Sometimes several times in a row.

I'M GONNA FUCK YOU, YOU FUCKING FUCK!!!! (Yes, I realize it's the wrong movie, but it also seems like something Bowser might say)

If you’re looking for something interesting, thought provoking, and, well… weird, you should definitely give Blue Velvet a look; although it’s definitely not a movie for the faint of heart, or the naive of spirit. We introduce a new segment in this week’s podcast in which we delve into two scenes cut out of the theatrical release – both of which add a little bit of clarity to the overall story.

So go ahead and give it a download and then take a ride with us, neighbor. It’ll be fun.


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