Episode 44 – Molten Honeydew Melon

Ah yes. It always feels good to find yet another fun little corner of the Internet.  To me I always feel a bit like an explorer who stumbles onto a hidden city in the middle of a jungle in South America.  In this case though, it’d have to be a hidden city where people are having sex with every common household object that they can figure out how to have sex with.  Go see for yourself at Household Holes.

If you haven’t noticed yet, one of Jeff and Rich’s favorite things to do is to talk me into awkward conversations and see how uncomfortable they can make me.  A few examples would be bloodplay, 4-H kids that Jeff went to high school with who had sex with farm animals, Cuddle Parties (where a boner is nature’s thumbs-sign), and Jeff getting scabs from another kid in his mouth.

Occasionally though, I manage to give my friends  a taste of their own medicine.  If you can’t quite figure out links I was sending them during the podcast, this should help you out.

Just too damn sexy.

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