Episode 45 – Roofstock

This week’s episode is full of lots of exciting stoires! Jake tells us about how he went to this thing called “Woofstock” where some old guy propositioned Jake’s dog for sex. I guess we should be thankful for the fact that WHAT HAPPENS AT WOOFSTOCK STAYS AT WOOFSTOCK UNTIL YOU FILE THE POLICE REPORT!

Yup. This thing actually exists.

While telling a story about having to break into my own house, Jake and Rich explain to me the proper way to break down a door, which I guess is to KICK at it until it breaks. Apparently this works better than my strategy – “run repeatedly into the door until the door opens”.

Don't try kicking down doors unless you're wearing your ACTION JEANS for fear of "binding" in your leg areas.

We also ruminate on a conceptual Halloween costume for Jake, the idea for which sprung out of a dream I had. A weird dream. A REALLY weird dream. Please see the mock-up below of how I imagine the final product turning out. Definitely the scariest Halloween costume I’ve seen in years.


Closing things out today are three supplemental images – all of which we talk about during the podcast, but don’t ever really do a great job of explaining. I figured we should post them here in order to save you the trouble of googling “Urinal Mouth” and “Yoda Fleshlight”… Enjoy!

Decor above a urinal in a bathroom Jake visited last week. She's either wicked excited that you're peeing, or super-surprised you're peeing on her sweater. Or both.

Hopefully the most terrifying thing you'll ever have to pee into. Hopefully.

Good thing the picture of Yoda is there, or else it would be a little pathetic.

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