Episode 46 – The Unearthly


Hello everyone! Don’t be scared! That isn’t a living jack-o-lantern filled with fake blood grinning at you! That’s just Dr. Odd with a mouthful of cough drops. A LOT of cough drops. On second thought, maybe you should be scared.

This week we discuss MST3K S3E20 – The Unearthly, a slow-moving garbage barge of a movie that even MST3K riffing failed to salvage. Luckily, this episode is balanced out with a couple of delightful shorts – “Posture Pals” and “Appreciating Our Parents”. These shorts were able to pull this episode back from the void of extreme boredom. Man, is The Unearthly bad. I don’t think we can stress that enough.

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Thanks for listening!

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