Episode 47 – The Formidable Hot Dog

You can find some weird stuff in pet stores sometimes. This week we talk about some of it! Like a cat that makes weird faces at you… or another cat that Jake can’t seem to describe… or this dog food that Rich saw recently and managed to photograph.

Someone should tell the Disney corportation that they have about 20 other movies starring dogs where the owner DOESN'T have to shoot the dog in the face at the end.

We also talk about this dog food, presented to you by a spokesperson who used to be the star of a television show from the late 70’s and early 80’s. As pointed out by the great John Hodgman before us, this is an almost unbelievably bizarre combination of things that really shouldn’t exist. Oh, did I mention it’s also seeped in casual racism?

I thought that 8 was enough... Guess not.

After that, it was time to head down the rabbit hole of  THE INTERNET – specifically Google Image Search, where we spend some time playing the classic game of  “Search a random word and see how many pages of Google Image Search you have to go through until you find porn”. This eventually morphs into the game “Do a Google Image Search for a variety of double entendre and euphemisms see what the most popular image is.” SPOILER ALERT: Here’s what you get for Cornhole:

Ladies and gentlemen, the most popular Cornhole on the internet. Enjoy.

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  1. Corn eh? All I could think is. Ribbed for her pleasure….and no. I’m not going to try it. Man was created for a reason.

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