Episode 49 – Buggies & Beards

Sometimes technology can be a fickle mistress… We experienced this firsthand when we sat down to record our Bad Movie Olympics episode a couple of weeks ago with our friends Seth and DaLysh from the F-List podcast when, mere minutes into the recording, DaLysh’s computer stopped working. According to Seth, this was because DaLysh is Amish. And his computer is a block of wood.

The handcrated Amish iPad. Also doubles as a broom.

So instead of recording the BMO’s (don’t worry – those are coming next week) we decided to sit down and have a chat with our friend Seth, who aside from hosting the F-List podcast is also a contributing writer for 1up.com where he has a blog called Add To Queue which tells you what you should be watching through netflix on your game console while it isn’t playing games. He taught us about the world. Specifically Maine. Even more specifically, what they drink in Maine.

Apparently the whole state of Maine decided that this was good. I'm interested to try it, but I don't know if they make it here...

We also dissect the probable chain of events that led up to both of these people consenting to take this picture. And not crying while it was being taken.

The photographer seems to be holding the camera remarkably still for someone who was in what had to be an almost constant state of "dry heave".

Other topics covered, include: Islands, zombie invasions on islands, and T-Rex attacks.

HAHAHA! Get it? TEA-Rex?!?! He may attack you, but only with POLITENESS and MANNERS.

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