Episode 49 – The Castle Of Fu Manchu


Hello friends! It’s nice to see you again! Things are still totally normal up here in space, and this week Dr. Odd let us watch a recording of the world series and showed us his newest hobby! An old friend returns for some goofs as well!

We also discussed MST3K S3E23 – The Castle Of Fu Manchu – the film equivalent of spending an entire day staring at grains of sand being blown around in the wind, except there isn’t any wind and at the end of the day you find out the grains of sand actually had character names. This movie is pure Deep Hurting, and is so bad that it actually negatively affects the episode enjoyment quite a bit. That’s a huge shame because the host segments are actually some of the best in the series so far (particularly the final segment), but even that can’t save things as a whole. We still had a lot of fun talking about it though!

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Thanks for listening!

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