Episode 5 – The Corpse Vanishes!


Well everyone, it looks like this may be it. We just finished recording our last audio log and as I type this, our ship’s reactor is going critical. Everything seems to be coming to a rather abrupt Commado Cody-esque close…

Hey now! Cheer up! Even in the face of certain doom, we were able to record one last audio log for you! We talk about MST3K Episode 5 – The Corpse Vanishes… which manages to be an even weirder movie than last week’s Women of the Prehistoric Planet. Go figure! We also talk about Positronic Brains, Tiger Bot magazine and prop comedy¬† and lots of other stuff!

Feel free to honor our (very radioactive) memories on our facebook page, or to follow our ghosts on twitter. Don’t forget, even dead people appreciate iTunes reviews…

Thanks for listening! See you on the other side!

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