Episode 51 – Space Travelers


We’re excited to dig into the first episode of MST3K season 4, and Dr. Odd is excited about managing a baseball team! A werewolf butler baseball team! But not as excited as he is to tell us about his “roller derby” experiences. Who knew Dr. Odd was so athletic? Certainly not us!

This episode we discuss MST3K Season 4 Episode 1 Space Travelers, which may be the most star studded film they’ve had on the show yet! It’s also one of the most boring and dour films they’ve had on the show to date, despite the fact that it actually won an Academy Award (which we also have serious issue with, but not for the reasons you might think).

We also have a couple of BIG announcements! The first is that we’re launching a Patreon page to allow listeners like you to help support the show! Donating just 1$ a month helps us pay for things like hosting, new equipment, and to spend more time working on making more shows, and more content. It will get you access to a spinoff podcast we’re launching – “Dr. Odd’s Cinematic Fun Dumpster” where Jeff, Seth and Dr. Odd discuss films from Dr. Odd’s personal collection (spoiler alert: they’re all hilariously terrible). The first episode of this show will be free to all listeners in this feed, but then will be a patreon exclusive starting in April.

The second big announcement is that starting in May, we will start doing TWO episodes of this show a month! The first will be our regularly scheduled episode where we continue with the current episode chronology, but the second will be over an episode of the new Season 11 launching on Netflix in April. We wanted to do this not only because we love making episodes of this show, but also because we didn’t want to wait several years to discuss the new, hot, fresh, brand-new MST3K episodes.

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Thanks for listening!

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