Episode 51 – The Bad Movie Olympics: Part 1

The moment you’ve been waiting for has finally arrived. After months of planning and careful preparation, we here at the Terrible Friends Podcast are proud to present to you the FIRST ANNUAL TERRIBLE FRIENDS PODCAST BAD MOVIE OLYMPICS!!!

For those of you just tuning in right now, the idea behind the Bad Movie Olympics was a simple one. We here at the Terrible Friends Podcast are joined by two of our friends, Seth Macy and Tre DaLysh from the F-List podcast, and each of us picks a bad movie. We watched all five bad movies, and then got together on the internet to argue about which one of us picked the WORST movie. If it doesn’t sound that complicated… well… that’s because it isn’t.

But here’s one thing that it IS. And that thing is AWESOME! After getting through our first Bad Movie debate session, we realized two things.

1) This is turning out to be WAY more fun than any of us could have anticipated.

2)  We produced a substantial amount more content than we had anticipated. (i.e. We had so much freaking fun arguing and hearing the sounds of our own voices that there’s a lot of recording).

So instead of the planned Bad Movie Olympics Special Episode, we’re going to be splitting it up into four, maybe even five parts for your listening pleasure and posting them once a week. What you have in your hot little virtual hands right now is part one. We hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed making it!

As one last aside, if you find yourselves listening to us talk about these HORRIBLE movies and have some thoughts of your own, don’t hesitate to leave feedback here, our facebook page, or send an email to terriblefriends@gmail.com. We’ve still got at least one more Bad Movie Olympics recording session planned, and would love to read some listener feedback about which movie YOU think is the worst.

Thanks again for listening, and enjoy Part One of the Terrible Friends Podcast Bad Movie Olympics!

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