Episode 52 – The Giant Gila Monster


I’m not going to lie, things get a little weird this week. Dr. Odd has started some sort of farm in his Chuck E. Cheese basement, but also there might be a gas leak? One thing’s for sure, there are a lot of puns!

We also discuss MST3K S4E2 – The Giant Gila Monster. It’s a movie where people throw a real lizard at models, and features some original “music”, or as I like to call it, “crimes against a ukulele”. Luckily, the film itself is so manic, that the riffing is fantastic, making it a preeeeety great MST3K episode.

Once you’re done listening, you should stop by our facebook group and join our discussion of all things MST3K. We also have a brand new Patreon page where for just $1 a month, you can hear our other new show “Dr. Odd’s Cinematic Fun Dumpster” where Dr. Odd forces us to watch films from his ‘private collection’ and then discuss them. This month we watched Tammy & The T-Rex, which is both as horrible and amazing as it sounds. Lastly, if you like the show and want other people to be able to find it, take a couple seconds and leave us a review on iTunes! We really appreciate it!

Thanks for listening!

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