Episode 54 – City Limits


I don’t know a lot about science, let alone mad science, but I’m pretty sure doing an “exchange program” with your test subjects isn’t par for the course. But in the domain of Dr. Odd “par for the course” is usually about as far from normal as you can get, so I suppose that this shouldn’t have been unexpected. Dr. Odd and Dr. Rodd have decided to do a test-subject switcheroo, meaning that Seth was sent away to be subject to whatever horrors Dr. Rodd has in store, and Dr. Rodd’s captive Renea was sent over to the land of MST3K and clam juice.

After a brief acclimation period, we watch MST3K S4E3 – City Limits a film which seems to have inspired most, if not all of the outfits in the Fallout video game series. It’s a pretty bad movie, but a overall pretty decent MST3K episode.

Once you’re done listening, head over to our facebook page and talk with us more about MST3K, follow us on twitter, and leave us a review on iTunes. If you want more of Jeff, Renea and Dr. Odd, go to our Patreon page and subscribe to get this month’s episode of Doctor Odd’s Cinematic Fun Dumpster. This month we watched Roller Derby, which is essentially Napoleon Dynamite on rollerskates, minus the intentional irony, and with less charm, and significantly less plot.

Thanks for listening!

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