Episode 55 – Panda Party!

This week we learn that nostalgia can be a dangerous thing (again). Think back the venues you used to frequent as a kid… That skating rink/amusement park/children’s museum was pretty awesome, right!?  Now remove the naivety-tinted glasses of your youth and take another look. What used to be the coolest place in the world is now probably a dump (if you’re lucky) or a creepy, gross, sticky place possibly staffed by child molesters (if you aren’t).

For Rich, the halcyon location of his youth was a place called Joyland – which, of course, came equipped with a creepy (borderline: TERRIFYING) animitronic clown which played an organ. Apparenly the clown’s name was Louie.

Louie - the third, less popular member of the Insane Clown Posse. Now go have a nightmare about this picture.

Jeff’s fondly-remembered location for “fun” was a place called the Skyline Skate Ranch, where they regularly held things called “Panda Parties”. If the phrase “Panda Party” doesn’t immediately set off the “DANGER NOW” alarm in your brain, then you’re probably either:

A) A series regular on the show “To Catch A Predator”

B) Jeff when he was 8

You win the limbo? You win a Panda Party. Simple as that.

Jake, on the other hand, used to just go hang out at an old bridge where he would try and make out with girls. In his words it was “pretty sad”. We couldn’t agree more.

Not pictured: Jake's wasted youth.

We also explored some “jokes” from a “joke” book that was published in the 1920s called “Jokes For All Occasions”. They’re all pretty special. Luckily Jeff saves the day by channeling Vaudevillian comedians and playing the kazoo (like usual). While you’ll still find yourself cringing, it’s a different kind of cringe than you usually experience while listening to us. SO ENJOY THAT!

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