Episode 56 – Thanksgiving F.U.P.A. Reenactment

The holiday season is a magical time filled with laughter, fun, gluttony, alcoholism, sadness and many other things, all of which blend together  into the perfect red and green storm  of bourbon flavored tears called “Tradition”. We  here at the Terrible Friends Podcast realized that the holiday season is almost upon us and we don’t have any of our own traditions (except for sadness – we’ve got that covered).

This is a robot we built out of our sadness. That's how much we have.

So we spent some time thinking up some of our own traditions for this coming Thanksgiving, which – as is par for the course – were all terrible terrible ideas.
Rich and Jeff also enlightened Jake to the concept of a F.U.P.A. (or “cooch-pooch” as Rich likes to call it) which also managed to work it’s way into our Thanksgiving traditions as well. If you don’t know what a F.U.P.A. is, you can see examples here, here and here. My apologies if you clicked on one of those links. Here’s a picture of a  puppy playing with some balloons to help you recover some of the humanity you lost.

Just let the pain wash away.

Also, as you may have seen on facebook, we have STICKERS now! We’ll put out another post sometime in the future with instructions on how you can get them from us, and on how to use them, but until then you’ll have to be satisfied by just looking at them on your computer screen.

WARNING: Not an actual sticker.

This will be the only podcast this week, but make sure to stay tuned after the Thanksgiving holiday when we’ll present the EXCITING conclusion to the Bad Movie Olympics, as well as some other awesome stuff. Until then, make sure to EAT YOURSELVES SILLY AT THANKSGIVING AND TRY NOT TO KILL YOUR RELATIVES.

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