Episode 57 – The Bad Movie Olympics: Part Three

It’s been medically proven that the human body can only ingest a certain amount of AWESOME before essentially turning into something that resembles a fire-breathing, dick-punching, Jason Statham look alike. Since our number one fear is a world of ladies who look like Jason Statham, and who are constantly punching our dicks, we decided that after two straight weeks of bringing you PURE LIQUID AWESOME in the form of the Terrible Friends Podcast Bad Movie Olympics, we should give you some time to rest your ears and fists.

Also, we had to record the second part of it.

But guess what? THE WAIT ENDS TODAY!  That’s right, prepare to start punching dicks again, because it’s time for PART THREE of our MORE EPIC THAN ANTICIPATED Bad Movie Olympics! Why “MORE EPIC THAN ANTICIPATED”?  Because by the time all was said and done we had recorded SO MUCH IMPORTANT STUFF that instead of the planned four part recording we had to SPLIT IT INTO FIVE PARTS. YOUR DICK WON’T KNOW WHAT’S GOING ON UNTIL IT’S BEEN PUNCHED SO MUCH THAT NOW IT’S A GHOST DICK.

This week we give you Part Three, and make sure to stop back over the coming weeks for Parts Four and  Five of the Terrible Friends Podcast Bad Movie Olympics, as well as several other fine podcasts in between. We’re sorry to do this to you, but we JUST CAN’T CONTAIN THE AWESOME.

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