Episode 58 – Being From Another Planet

Summer is almost over which means it’s time to cram as much fun in the sun as you can before fall arrives! Dr. Odd actually took us on a “family” vacation, that unfortunately featured about a 1% to 99% ratio of fun to sun. At least it was nice to get down from space for once… maybe…

This week we discuss MST3K S4E5 – Being From Another Planet, a mummy movie so bad that it almost breaks Joel and the Bots, as well as the viewers at home. Both Being From Another Planet and Castle of Fu Manchu are proof that a film can be so bad, that even great riffing can’t make it entertaining. Buried among the wreckage of this film though, is one of the best invention exchange ideas ever with the Mads’ “Tragic Moment Figurines”, which is a tragedy in and of itself because a sketch that good should have been saved for a much better episode.

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Thanks for listening!

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